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Lifepak CR Plus


Simple to use. Simple to manage. Simple to transfer care to professionals. And effective in saving the life of a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.
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LifePak 1000


The rugged LIFEPAK 1000 defbrillator is an easy-to-use automatic external defibrillator (AED) from the leader in defibrillation technology.
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Powerheart G3 Plus

Powerheart G3 Plus

Our flagship automated external defbrillator, complete with RescueCoach™ and CPR metronome.
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Powerheart G5

Powerheart G5

Perform each step of the rescue with user-paced instruction from RescueCoach™ voice and text prompts.
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HeartSine samaritan AED's

HeartSine AEDs

Designed specifically for the lay responder, HeartSine samaritan® AEDs
offer industry-leading value and environmental protection, all in an
easy-to-operate system in the smallest and lightest package available. Learn More

Why LifeServers

In 2000, LifeServers was founded by Scott Zanon as a network of independent individuals and companies around the country that have a passion for saving lives. We believe in local support and service and that is why we have representatives around the country that are available to meet in person to help our customers implement world-class AED programs. Contact Jon Warnock, Director of Sales and Marketing, to find the closest LifeServers affiliated company that can assist you in developing and maintaining your program.

LifeServers is a premier authorized distributor for both Cardiac Science and Physio-Control AEDs which offer the only two AEDs on the market that are fully-automatic which eliminates lay rescuers from having to push a shock button. Our excellent relationship with our manufacturer partners enables us to offer competitive pricing on all AEDs, advanced defibrillators, service programs and all accessories including batteries, electrodes and alarmed wall cabinets.

LifeServers only distributes escalating, high energy AEDs as illustrated in the “L” in our logo! Countless studies have demonstrated some “hard to defibrillate patients” require higher than 350 joules of energy in order to be resuscitated, however, many AEDs on the market are only capable of delivering 150 joules. From a clinical standpoint, AEDs are NOT created equally. The majority of professional responders worldwide exclusively rely on higher energy defibrillators. LifeServers representatives are experts in this very important yet overlooked aspect of AEDs that could mean the difference in whether or not a victim of sudden cardiac arrest survives.

LifeServers provides free, automated prescriptions (Rx) on all AEDs.

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The first three minutes…

that’s when a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) victim needs you the most.

Several studies document the effects of time to defibrillation and the effects of bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on survival from SCA. For every minute that passes between collapse and defibrillation, survival rates decrease 7 to 10 percent if no CPR is provided.

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AED Programs

IHSAA Program

IHSAA Program

LifeServers is offering substantial discounts to all IHSAA members. More…

Ohio Schools AED Program

Ohio Schools AED Program

Upgrade to a new, better technology with an AED designed specifically for minimally trained people! More…

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