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Ohio Council of Educational Purchasing Consortia (OCEPC) LifePak AED Bid Overview

Through the use of $2.5 million dollars from the Tobacco Settlement Fund in 2004, more than 2,300 Medtronic Physio-Control LIFEPAK 500 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) were provided to schools across the state of Ohio. Akron General Medical Center was awarded as the acting non-profit agency that was responsible for collecting, evaluating and approving applications submitted by schools requesting the AEDs. In less than a year following the deployment of those 2,300 AEDs, six lives were saved within various schools around Ohio and so the program was deemed a tremendous success.

Due to the fact that there were still many districts that did not have AEDs within their schools, in late 2006 another $2.5 million dollars was secured once again using the Tobacco Settlement Fund in order to provide additional AEDs to Ohio schools. Through a bid process managed by the state of Ohio, Akron General Medical Center was again awarded as the non-profit agency responsible for deploying the AEDs. In order to stay standardized with the first grant program, Medtronic Physio-Control was again chosen by Akron General Medical Center as the AED manufacturer of choice. Medtronic Physio-Control is recognized as the world leader in defibrillation and its products are used by the overwhelming majority of Fire/EMS and Police agencies as well as hospitals across the state of Ohio.

Due to a shipping delay by Medtronic Physio-Control at the beginning of 2007, another AED manufacturer , Cardiac Science, was selected to fulfill the additional $2.5 million, or 2,300, AEDs. Cardiac Science was viewed at the time as being the most similar to Medtronic Physio-Control in terms of the clinical therapy offered by the AED. This change in manufacturers ultimately resulted in many school districts having a combination of both brands within their schools which unfortunately has proven to be problematic in terms of managing the replacement of batteries and electrodes as well as the training provided to staff members.

The original AED selected as part of the first grant process, the LIFEPAK 500, was discontinued by Medtronic Physio-Control in 2007. According to its policy, Medtronic Physio-Control will support and provide replacement batteries and electrodes until the end of 2014. At that time, schools that possess LIFEPAK 500s will be required to replace them as they will be unable to procure any additional batteries and electrodes. This primarily is the basis and reason for this bid. Many schools have already made the decision to replace their LIFEPAK 500 AEDs in order to receive a trade-in credit offered by the manufacturer, as well as to standardize on one AED platform to enable their program to be more effectively managed and compatible with local Fire/EMS.

The LifePak CR Plus that was selected as part of this bid process was designed to replace the LifePak 500 as it is more designed for minimally trained people. The LifePak CR Plus delivers the same clinical therapy as the LifePak 500, has an eight year warranty, is fully automatic as it does not require you to push a shock button, and is much less expensive to maintain than any other AED on the market in terms of replacing batteries and electrodes. The price negotiated by the OCEPC is almost 10% below State contract price and with the trade-in credit currently being offered for your existing AEDs, your district can save a significant amount of money through this exciting program.

To better understand how the LifePak CR Plus AED can help you make a seamless transition from your current program please contact Jon Warnock by email at and he will contact you to help you and your school district put together a plan.

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