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Powerheart AED G3 Plus

G3 Plus

Our flagship automated external defbrillator, complete with RescueCoach™ and CPR metronome to pace chest compressions

Appropriate Locations

  • Work places
  • Transportation
  • Sporting venues
  • Schools
  • Retail & hotels
  • Recreation facilities
  • Places of worship
  • Any public place

Primary Benefts

Reliability. The device is Rescue Ready®, meaning it self-tests daily to ensure it works when you need it.

Ease of Use.

  • The RescueCoach™ voice prompts and metronome guide you through a very stressful rescue situation.
  • The device knows when to (and when not to) deliver the shock.
  • The text screen lends extra help in noisy and chaotic environments.

Assurance. The unit has a 7-year warranty and a 4-year full battery replacement guarantee.

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