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Save a Life Partner Program


LifeServers is looking for individuals and organizations who have a passion for saving lives and who are interested in generating additional income through the sale of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Current successful LifeServers Associates are self-motivated, capable of running their own business and possess the ability to identify, market and sell life-saving AED programs.

Save a Life Partner Program

The LifeServers “Save a Life” Partner Program is designed to position your business for growth, help you reach your profit potential and accelerate your success. When you become a “Save a Life” Partner, you’ll be able to focus more on the markets that your business serves while we provide the training, sales leads and marketing materials to help you succeed.

  • Pricing volume incentive programs
  • Training resources to keep costs low and increase productivity
  • Efficient, repeatable business practices that streamline your customer opportunities
  • Customizable marketing literature and demand generation materials to complement your unique business plan
  • Dedicated LifeServers Account Manager and robust partner support to give you access to the resources and tools you need for success
  • The opportunity to work with the most experienced sales and service team in the industry with over 20 years of AED experience

LifeServers allows for an independent businessperson to operate and manage their business in their markets in the manner that best serves their business. The additional benefits and reasons are that LifeServers has kept costs to a minimum, and thus allowed for very competitive pricing. LifeServers manages the manufacturer relationship at the top as well as the back end administrative process. LifeServers has created the environment that allows me to focus on my strengths, customer relationships, sales and building my business.
– Larry Kohn LifeServers, Inc.

Your expertise…our products! “LifeServers provides access to industry leading AED products and services as well as offers the sales and support system you and your company need to be successful.”

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