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Where is your AED… check your smartphone!

LIFEPAK CR Plus, LifeServers Inc, Automated External DefibrillatorsObviously, knowing how to use an AED properly is important, and most devices now include written or even audio instructions. However, none of  this is of any use if a potential rescuer cannot locate the device, or if it’s stored too far away to be useful.

Here is a study that could potentially save thousands of lives! Researchers from the University of PennsylvaniaPerlman School of Medicine found that in 75 percent of cases,automated external defibrillators (AEDs)  are too far away from cardiac arrest victims for the devices to have the best chance at saving lives.

The Penn researchers conducted the “MyHeartMap Challenge”, a crowd sourcing contest that asked Philadelphians to use a special smartphone app to find and map the locations of all of the city’s AEDs. More than 1,500 AEDs in 800 separate buildings were found and tagged. That information will go into a new smartphone app to help bystanders easily locate the nearest AED during an emergency.

This project needs replication in every city, town, and community in the U.S.

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